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Yes, the service is top-notch. You have your doubts at first, inevitably, as in any transaction over the Internet, you have to trust people you don’t know other than through the web, almost all of us have been deceived at some time and in the photos they look so beautiful and perfect that seems too beautiful to be true. In addition, it is an important outlay for most of us. However, I have to say that the attention, professionalism, and patience shown by this seller make a difference, and my doll is just as pictures! Love it!!! Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, it’s a legit and safe store. Privacy is very good. The materials are also good. It feels good. It feels very smooth, just like the real thing. There is no smell when used. And real sex doll dressed up a little like a sexy beauty. Very realistic, the price is very satisfactory and reasonable. One of the charms is that you can enjoy different insertion sensations because the insertion has a vaginal opening and anal. It is useful because you can enjoy yourself more than a real woman.

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Yes, immediately satisfied with the favorable reception and received the product very quickly! The highlight is that, along with the human body structure, the face burst table, the body is soft that allows various postures, like standing, squatting, sitting, waist, lying, and other postures. Most certainly, this material is environmentally friendly, odorless, and easy to clean after use. Overall, you can buy it with confidence, use it comfortably, and get great value for money.

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Yes, it’s safe. This fun little doll arrived early today. The doll is cute and fun and well packaged. The seller is professional and friendly. Great product! Far exceeded my expectations. Outstanding everywhere. It will become one of the best-selling products of merchants. Thank you. Sincerely. Super soft material high quality good skin tone as described, you got the exact model doll on the picture and received it 6 days earlier than expected. I am very satisfied with the service and product provided. I will definitely do business with you again.