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Yes, this site is really good, every detail is considered very intimate, the information is very realistic and detailed at first glance, it is perfect. My doll is the same as the picture, the finish is beautiful and three-dimensional, the overall proportion is very uniform and the texture is good. The skeleton is made of alloy, so the joints are very flexible and the posture is all true. Almost, the doll is shipped discreetly, the packaging is very strong. review – Can you trust this vendor?

Yes, this is a trusted vendor. Arrived well….beautiful doll with no smell, it’s a good quality TPE and the frame looks fair. Charming, because the body is made from a real inverted mold, the limbs are of appropriate thickness, the proportion is coordinated, the fingers are of appropriate thickness, and it is not easy to damage! Shipping was fast. This doll is really good, I wish I had this before I got married. Then it will save me a lot of disappointment and money. haha (just kidding) (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, it is a legit seller. Fast shipping. The project description is prepared and detailed, and the entity of the doll is basically consistent with the photos. And it came just in time, I can’t wait to use it! The experience is pretty good, just like the pictures, but a little lighter than I would have liked. But it can also be cute and useful. Thank you for giving me such a perfect shopping experience! Highly recommend to everyone!!!

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