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Yes, great site! Very fast shipping, and also discreet packaging! The doll I actually got in hand is pretty much the same as the one in the photo shown on the website. Fast response, amazing realistic doll, wife loves how we show her in a 2-piece bikini. very beautiful!! A very good shopping experience! Come here, high quality, new technology in the market, odorless, no difference with real people, quality is great, very good.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, is a legit sex doll vendor. How marvelous… it’s worth it! The first-class material, the perfect finish, the sublime touch (especially when you caress them with your fingertips slightly moistened by the lubricant… Divine) they just lack breathe and react to caresses and you would not notice the difference with a real woman, I assure you. Each of them is a work of art that is worth every penny they want to charge you for. Cheers and greetings to all. (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, this is a legit shop. After receiving the sex doll and taking a shower, I wore the clothes I bought for her, it was really good, the workmanship was very good, the pictures were the same, the colors and the outside designs were very similar. There is no smell, the skin color is very positive and soft, and it feels very soft like real skin. Three hole sex dolls with skeletons and joints can be placed in several poses. The small mouth is very realistic, and it can be cool, and it feels very exciting.

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Yes, the service is particularly excellent and the end product is good. It is worth to buy, very good value for money! The doll feels very good, the face is beautiful and real, it is a reliable product. Dress up and watch more love! This price is really worth the money! The quality of one loyal companion is good and the price is very high overall, I am very satisfied, no odor, and I am satisfied. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, the seller is legit. This sex doll body is a new work, so I purchased it for the first time in two years following the previous old body (158cm). One thing I can say is that this body is definitely excited enough to sleep at night. The touch is soft and comfortable, and it feels very much! The quality is reliable, a bit shy to buy this stuff, the material is very soft, it is really great, the function is very good. Please be careful not to overuse. Or you will be short of sleep ^ ^